While Dragons Sleep

Over a 1000 years ago there were Dragons, not like the dragons of today, but huge beasts that could swallow towns whole. Some say they're dead, some say they're all asleep, waiting to wake once more.


We start our journey on Pine Lake, a large basin lake on a northern spur of the Dovak Mountains (Dwarven for Stone Mountains). The lake is large enough to support three small towns, and surrounding farming fields and hamlets.

Southlake sits at the mouth of the lake, where the Ardor River starts its long journey to the sea, and the Capital. Evergreen sits opposite at the base of the large mountain that dominates the landscape. And on the east side of the lake is Pine.

Evergreen is mostly a mining town, going into the hills beyond for a mix of silver, iron, gold, and a scattering of precious gems. Pine is the center of the logging industry, using the small, winding, Silver River that comes out of the hills and feeds Pine Lake to float the logs out and down the Ardor. Southlake is the point where goods flow in and out of the region, considered the most metropolitan of the three towns. Between Southlake and Pine lie most of the farms, though a few sit on the west side of the lake as well, that's mostly untamed wilderness as the hills are craggier leading deeper into the mountain chain. Boat travel across the lake is the most common way to get from town to town, though a road does ring the east side of the lake from Evergreen to Southlake.

Pine Lake is an important, but out of the way, part of the Kingdom, supplying some of the minerals for the Queens coffers, and the strong, hard, pine is good building material for the wealthy downstream.

The Kingdom of Thuwen is a medium sized kingdom of mostly Humans. North of that are a collection of city states and warlords. Goblin war parties, Dragonborn raiders, and human warlords squabble over the lands, occasionally coming south for fun and profit.

South of the kingdom is the Elven Homestead of Illuria, a small idyllic kingdom along the coast and inland to claim most of the Darwood. Between the Darwood and the Dovak Mountains that run southward the entire continent are open plains. Several small kingdoms, and city states, populate the area, the remains of a great Dragonborn Kingdom that spanned most of the lands east of the mountains. The mountains themselves are home to the Dwarven Kingdom of Durron. Also greatly reduced in size, many of their cities are lost deep in the mountain ranges to the west, the ones that remain are mostly along the edge facing the plains. Huge cities carved directly out of the mountains themselves.

Beyond Dwavreshome is the sea of grass, and beyond that… are only rumors.

A Shadow Looms…

Rumors of strange cults, odd factions, and even traitors in the kingdom reach even Pine Lake. Old stories of trying to wake the sleeping dragons from ages past, to either wreck or ruin the world…

Lately, everyone has felt, more than noticed, strange things coming out of the wester side of the lake near the mountains edge. A few of the misshapen Orcs have ventured out further than normal – just last month the out-guard of Evergreen killed a small band of the creatures.

And things even worse might be lurking in the hills and woods to the west, threatening the three towns safety and prosperity… As the shadows of the ancient world creep back, so must rise the heroes of the modern one to push them back.

While Dragons Sleep...